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What makes us stand out from the competition?

Relevant Content

We don't believe in making you run the marathon when you are practicing for a 100m dash. We will nurture your natural inquisitiveness but there will be a clear demarcation of what needs to be learnt and what can be avoided. We will most definitely not go into fancy theorems and formulae to overburden already stressed out candidates.

Regular Practice and Exercises

Almost every class, will have an accompanying sheet for practice and the solution of the same will be provided in video form. If all the tasks and assignments that are handed out are done, there will be no stopping you from shooting for the stars. 

Discussion Forum

There is a telegram group for enrolled students in which doubts can posted and answers to them are posted with a max period of 24 hours. The mechanism ensures that doubts do not linger and brings collective wisdom into play to ensure everyone learns while one person learns

Test Taking Practices

A major part of the course is devoted to identifying the capacity of each candidate to solve questions within a test. The preparation for entrance exams consists of 2 distinct parts knowledge accumulation and test taking practices and within this course, and both are given immense attention

Sequential Learning

The course is designed in a way such that we start at the absolute basic level, and then progressively take it to levels that one needs to be at to excel at the management entrance exams

Guidance which matters

There will be regular mentorship sessions held to re-orient you on the path towards your B-School with a special emphasis on actionable insights and tasks

Student Feedback

Anastasis Academy has a lot to offer when it comes to classes, concepts and practice. I believe the timed DILR, VA and RC practice sets and the QA homework sheets along with extensive sectional tests helped build a good foundation for the upcoming challenges to be faced during mocks and the main exam. Along with this, the live solving / discussion of sectionals and mocks lent great insight into different strategies and approaches available for the questions appearing in exams.

Finally, Shankar sir has been a constant support and an insightful guide throughout the preparation and helped out with every little problem faced.

Ojaswi Saraf

CAT 23 99.75%ile

I was enrolled in the VITA 3.0 of Anastasis Academy. Thanks to Shankar Sir and Soham Sir, I was able to score well in CAT. They not only provided guidance for the exam, but for general life too. Both the teachers were available to solve any doubt you have ever had 24/7. The classes were always interesting, interactive and all the things were taught from the basics. Moreover, they organized numerous formal and informal sessions on B-Schools, application form filling, and more.

Sejal Singla

CAT 23 99.74%ile

I joined Project Vita 3.0 in January to prepare for CAT-23.

I scouted various online coachings for some time by joining their respective

telegram groups and watching YouTube videos and found that Shankar sir’s style

of teaching QA & DILR was best suited for me. For VARC, Sohum sir’s tips

were instrumental in improving my confidence in the section. Additionally,

continuous revision through class discussions and regular tests helped me

perform well on the test.

I thank Anastasis Academy for all their help and support.

Aditya Aggarwal

CAT 23 99.96%ile

I am really grateful for the support provided by Arvind sir and Sohum sir during this journey. The live classes which covered every topic starting from basic level and gradually reached advanced level were very helpful. The class sheets which covered questions of every difficulty level further helped in honing my skills.

The sectionals and mocks eventually gave me confidence to handle every type of question. Everything I have achieved could not have been done without Arvind sir as my mentor. Joining Anastasis Academy was one of the best decision that I ever took.

Arunjyoti Sharma

CAT 23 98.32%ile

I had enrolled in Shankar sir’s Project Vita 3.0 comprehensive course for my CAT preparation. All the concepts from CAT syllabus were explained thoroughly, starting with simpler concepts and building upon them, making complex topics easier to grasp. We had plethora of high quality practice material for all three sections. Additionally we received assistance in setting daily and monthly targets for our preparation along with guidance and motivation through the prep cycle

Avinash Sharma

CAT 23 99.10%ile

You can trust Shankar sir’s coaching to improve your scores and strategies significantly in every section.

Jaskeerat Singh

CAT 23 97.39%ile

Anastasis academy proved extremely beneficial for me in my CAT journey. The classes were interactive and helped me in strenghtening my conceptual understanding. The 24/7 doubt-solving assistance was invaluable, and under Shankar sir's guidance, my weakest section, quantitative aptitude, saw a drastic improvement. Additionally, Sohum sir's and Shankar sir's informal sessions kept me motivted throughout. The constant support truly made a significant difference in my journey.

Azka Khan

CAT 23 96.72%ile

What I really appreciate about Anastasis Academy is the insistence on learning the concepts in QA, and not taking shortcuts by handing out a myriad of formulas. The individualized attention and feedback really boosted my confidence when the going got tough.

In LRDI as well, the teaching pedagogy is to start from the basic building blocks of the logical reasoning asked in management entrance exams, along with an exhaustive set of question sets. Sir's open and candid nature ensured that an introverted and underconfident person like me flourished as well.

Rishi Kant

CAT 23 99.12%ile

I was enrolled in the comprehensive course. The course contained ample material for practice, so never had to seek any material from elsewhere. Along with this the live classes helped in providing conceptual clarity. The tests provided in the course were extremely helpful. Sir's guidance for each section was highly invaluable. Overall, the course over delivered in terms of expectations.

Sudipti Sachdeva

CAT 23 97.83%ile

Shankar sir has been one of the best entertainers and the best mentor for me throughout my journey. My search for a personalized course started when I came across his YouTube channel “Anastasis Shankar” for free CAT content and eventually loved his approach to questions. I instantly made up my mind to enroll in Project Vita. The course has an enormous question bank for each topic, which eventually helped me work on my weaker sections. Doubt-solving groups and 1 to 1 personalized sessions have helped me identify my weak links and eventually overcome them.

Shashank Sahu

CAT 23 99.27%ile

Enrolling in Anastasis Academy has proven to be a pivotal and rewarding choice for me. Shankar sir, serving as my mentor, played a crucial role in my academic development and overall personal growth. The course's exceptional feature lies in its abundant content for VARC/QA/DILR, alleviating concerns in that regard. Additionally, Shankar sir's logical insights, comparable to the proverbial cherry on top, not only elevate exam performance but also impart valuable life lessons. I am grateful for his unwavering honesty and the consistently sound guidance he provides whenever I seek assistance. It's important to note that this course isn't suited for everyone; it's designed for individuals committed to hard work, recognizing that Shankar sir's dedication exceeds theirs by tenfold.

Rishabh Pathania

CAT 23 97.80%ile

I heard about Anastasis academy from my friends in different B schools, they asked me to go through his youtube lessons and i found them really helpful. After watching the videos and much deliberation i joined. I say it from my own accord that there couldn't have been a better guide than Arvind Shankar Sir for me. The way of teaching and the direction in which he takes you is really something which most of the people in the industry lack. What's important ,what's relevant, how to tackle something unexpected and most importantly how to apply the concepts you learn are few of the amazing things that you are taught. The quality of questions provided and the way of teaching will certainly compel you to think about the amount of hard work that have been put into designing the course. The course in itself is enough to get you the clarity required in each of the section. I am whole heartedly grateful to the anastasis academy and Arvind sir for guiding me through CAT.

Madhul Mayank

CAT 23 97.54%ile

I was fortunate enough to have known about Arvind sir’s Anastasis Academy through one of my acquaintances. The best part about the institute is that it is student-focused and complex concepts are taught in a manner which is easy to understand. Sir’s prompt reply whenever I was in need of any guidance was invaluable. This consistent support not only aided me in overcoming challenges but also significantly contributed to boosting my confidence to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.

Parth Singh

CAT 23 98.41%ile

I was enrolled in the comprehensive course taught by Shankar sir for my CAT preparation and I feel I made an excellent decision. The course was very well paced and the teaching was very interactive. The concepts were taught from basics and in-class doubt solving ensured clear understanding of the concepts. The class sheets covered a variety of question types and there was ample practice material available for all the 3 sections including dedicated practice for all question types. The telegram group was also helpful for clearing any additional doubts. The best part is that Shankar sir is great at cutting through the noise and zeroing in on what really matters. I am extremely grateful for the guidance.

Jay Pandya

CAT 23 98.47%ile

Anastasis Academy is one such institute which provides more than just CAT prep. Shortcuts and unnecessary formulas are not emphasized; rather, a regular way of solving problems is taught with hints and insights to increase speed. A systematic approach is followed with beginning from basics and then going on to advanced levels.

Arvind sir is the most realistic and straight-forward person I have met, and one can learn a lot from him, provided that they are willing to put in honest efforts.

Sasmit Sinha

CAT 23 95.57%ile

My experience as a student at Anastasis Academy has been amazing. The course is very well structured, with detailed live classes and discussions. There is a plethora of sectionals, quizzes and full-length tests to practice from. Shankar sir has a way of explaining topics right from the basics, such that everyone can keep up. Since the batch size is limited, Shankar sir can devote his attention to the requirements of each student and guide them accordingly. Along with his teaching acumen, his guidance and mentorship have created a huge impact on my preparation journey.

Divyansh Mundra

CAT 23 98.63%ile

My experience at Anastasis Academy has been nothing short of exceptional. Arvind Shankar Sir's teaching style prioritizes grasping logical setups over mere memorization of formulas. One of the standout features of the course is the video solutions to QA and DILR homework sheets. In addition, live classes have an initial half hour or so allotted to discuss any remaining doubts. The course structure is well-paced, with the theory portion completed by July, allowing ample time for rigorous test-taking practice. Also, content availability is never an issue, as the course provides a lot of quality material to practice from. All in all, a holistic learning environment is provided to students.

Nishant Nandwani

CAT 23 96.65%ile

After enduring two unsuccessful attempts at CAT, my confidence took a hit. I vividly remember contacting sir late into the night after my second try, and his immediate support in guiding my next steps was crucial. Without his mentorship, I wouldn't have dared a third attempt. Anastasis Academy, under Arvind sir's leadership, offers a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals, practice exams, and potent test tactics. Crucially, their emphasis on doubt resolution and pacing the class until every student comprehends the concepts stand out.

Twinkle Anand

CAT 23 97.14%ile

An excellent institution that equips you with everything you need to crack major management entrance examinations. Unparalleled guidance and learnings from Shankar sir have helped me throughout the journey. More than sufficient and relevant practice content is provided. The hard work that Shankar sir puts along with you so that you are better prepared for the exams is what makes this institute exceptional.


CAT 23 96.42%ile

I joined Anastasis Academy for help with Quant and DILR. Sir's classes covered everything from the absolute basics to advanced topics. His method of teaching really solidified the fundamentals for me which helped me immensely in my preparation. There was never a shortage of practice material and doubts were resolved promptly enough, either in class or in the telegram group. Overall I believe AA has had a great positive impact on my preparation!


CAT 23 96.78%ile

Anastasis Academy, guided by Shankar sir, stands out in CAT exam preparation, cultivating subject expertise and personal development. With premium content and dedicated teaching, it serves as a complete solution. The study materials stimulate critical thinking, catering to all students. From fundamentals to advanced CAT levels, Shankar sir accommodates every learner. Interactive sessions foster limitless doubt clarification. His logical teaching style distinguishes Anastasis Academy, making it the preferred choice for a thorough CAT journey. As you take one step forward, he's ready to take ten steps for your success.

Sahil Bansal

CAT 23 97.74%ile

Anastasis Academy has been a game-changer in my CAT journey, elevating my score from 89 in 2022 to an impressive 96.30 in 2023. What sets them apart is not just their commitment to clear concepts over shortcuts, but also their unique features. Operating with a single batch ensures personalized attention, while their focus on early syllabus completion, mock-taking strategies, and pinpointing areas for revision made my preparation thorough and effective. In my second attempt, their holistic approach ensured a well-rounded and successful outcome.

Madhav Rathi

CAT 23 96.30%ile

Hi, I was part of VITA(comprehensive CAT course) as well as CODA (Decision Making).I found the methodology of teaching extremely efficient and to the point. I think the approach of starting with the very basics and then advancing along worked wonders for me. I used to struggle a lot in DILR but the way sir taught it was very helpful.

Anmol Bhalla

CAT 23 98.46%ile

Shankar sir's initiative Project Vita 3.0 is the perfect manual to ace the cat exam. He has put his heart and soul and has incorporated video solutions to each and every topic he covered in classes and given in assignments. Additionally,he entertains doubts of the previous assignment in upcoming class before the start of a new topic making sure that there is no lacunae remaining in concept comprehension. Ample of practice material given(400+rcs 400+dilrsets 20+ refresher quizzes 30sectional tests and 20full length mocks).

Thank you sir, thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Mridul Tiwari

CAT 23 99.66%ile

I started my preparation for CAT 2023 on February 2023 with Anastasis Academy . I still remember getting negative in VARC and multiple single digits in DILR in my mocks. In this journey from that scores to getting 95+ percentile in both ,Shankar sir and Sohum sir played a major role. And for a person who is very bad with remembering formulas this was the right place for understanding QA concepts. I am and will always be thankful for everything the faculties have done for us throughout this journey.


CAT 23 98.80%ile

Joining Anastasis Academy proved to be the turning point in my CAT '23 preparation. After a demoralizing CAT '22 attempt, marked by a disastrous Quants score despite attending a classroom program of a big-name institute, I felt my confidence crumble. This year, however, Arvind Sir's unique pedagogical approach has been transformative. With his guidance and teaching, I scored 95.44th percentile in Quants section this year, a testament to his effective methods. Arvind Sir isn't just a teacher; he's a mentor you can fully trust to guide you on the path to B School Entrance success.

Garv Jain

CAT 23 99.00%ile

Anastasis Academy has been a huge help in my MBA preparation. The extensive practice material and live classes were quite beneficial. All the concepts are covered with detail, especially QA. I must say you'll learn something new here. Towards end we had Mock Startegy classes, which were a great help. These unique question types & startegy lessons greatly contributed to my QA 99.46%ile.

Rajesh K Rout

CAT 23 98.00%ile

The entire course is structured in a way that caters to every kind of student and her/his respective affinity with the skills used in the three sections of CAT exam. Instead of the usual norm of mugging up formulae, the hard task master, Mr. Shankar’s primary focus is to ensure that the concept building, understanding, and advancement is something every student tries to take out from, by the end of every class. I’d highly recommend this course for the students who feel that they can follow the instructions given to them and religiously put in an effort in order to get guaranteed success.

Govind Goyal

CAT 23 97.48%ile

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